Instagram in Our Lives [Infographic]

Instagram in Our Lives [Infographic]

Have you ever paid attention to the fact how much time you spend on Instagram, checking news, posting your photos, videos there? The attached infographic contains the stats regarding this and it can really impress you. Can you believe that 300 million is the total number of daily active Instagram users? Find more right below. Do not miss the incredible chance to become Instagram famous due to

Instagram in Our Lives [Infographic]

Useful Guidance for Flying Drones and Quadrocopters [Infographic]

Useful Guidance for Flying Drones and Quadrocopters [Infographic]

If you are the lucky owner of a drone, quadrocopter or you are just thinking about the purchase of these extremely cool unmanned aircraft systems then the attached infographic is must-see. It will let you know how to use the given devices, to maximize your flight, to do your research and so on and so forth. The best drones which will meet all your needs can be found at
Useful Guidance for Flying Drones and Quadrocopters [Infographic]

Trendy Web Design Predictions 2017: Web Aesthetics and Creativity Redefined

web design

Web designing has achieved tremendous success over the past few years and 2017 looks to be a moment of redefining the art of web design. We have seen the addition of several buttons on the websites to enhance the layout and give users of digital products the freedom to express themselves through the “comment section, call to action and other sidebars that have flooded web pages. There seems to be a turnaround in 2017 where web design will prioritize the content over the several buttons and sidebars. Web users are thirsty for valuable information and interaction is not likely to top up their list as the previous years. The design and layout 2017 will be how best to have some great content for consumers of digital products.

There is also the likelihood to break away from the bold, upper case, centered and authoritative website titles. This will usher a new era of customizing the web titles to break away from the traditional approach. Most 2017 web titles are likely to have some attractive and stylish scribbling of letters. It is very likely to see more than a 3-D web title, a slanting title and significant use of a unique lower case to attract attention contrary to the dominant uppercase.

We have seen animations spicing the entertainment industry and dominating commercial advertisement. This trend is going to transform website design by infusing animations and the use Gifs to bring a new approach and enhance web layout. Also, many web designers are likely to try new styles that will redefine web aesthetics. The use of hand-drawn pieces of art will dominate the web pages to bring an entirely different outlook from the colorful high pixel camera images. Art will be the real thing to check out this year. It is a transformation to behold that will bring more life to art and entertainment industry.

iPhone 7 | New Features [Infographic]


It goes without saying, that new iPhone 7 is a singificant step forward among smartphones. It has a lot of benefits due to the latest updates including an entirely new camera, water resistance, Apple Pay, A10 Fusion chip, IOS 10 and this list seems to be endless. Learn more below. By the way, have a look at this page where there is a variety of the high quality wallet cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

iphone7 prezent-01.png

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Hot Tub vs. Swimming Pool | Must-Know Statistics [Infographic]

Hot Tub

The given infographic consists of general water fact sheet. There are several interesting facts about water relating to hot tubs and swimming pools right below. Check the information to be aware of the statistics concerning these items. Just take a look at with its wide diversity of spa covers. Chose the model you like in order to keep your hot tub clean and safe.How much water does a hot tub use? Infographic

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Steel Mill Asbestos Exposure | Everything You Should Know


Steel Mill Asbestos Exposure: How Do Steel Mills and Refineries Use Asbestos?

As a low-cost mineral that’s renowned for its insulation properties and heat tolerance, asbestos haslong been widely used in a variety of different industrial settings, including steel mills and metalrefineries.

Refineries and steel mills have historically used asbestos for many different applications, which means that these employees face many potential risks in this already-dangerous industrial environment.

The most obvious asbestos use involves the heat-generating equipment and other nearby components that are exposed to high temperatures. This includes ovens, furnaces and boilers, steam pipes, rolling mills, cranes, blast stoves, crucibles and molding boards.

Asbestos was also a common material used in heat protection equipment and garments, including asbestos garments such as coats, coveralls, leggings, gloves and aprons. Asbestos face masks were also fairly commonplace, as were asbestos blankets. These protective asbestos garments were commonly used by individuals who worked in the immediate area of molten metals and furnaces.

Asbestos was also used in many different areas of the actual steel mill or steel refinery structure, as it can resist high temperatures and prevent fire. Asbestos could be commonly found throughout steel mills in refractory bricks, wall board, floor tiles, ceiling tiles and beyond.

Who is at the Highest Risk of Steel Mill Asbestos Exposure?

Steel was at the core of the industrial revolution and it was this need that drove the steel industry, ultimately leaving thousands exposed to asbestos. It was the period from World War II through the late 1970s when a majority of asbestos exposure incidents occurred in steel refineries and mills.

Even today, steel — which is a blend of carbon and iron — is needed for everything from car parts, to building materials and beyond. Steel workers who work in a mill or refinery that was built prior to the 1980s still have a high risk of asbestos exposure as these structures have been outfitted with asbestos insulation, asbestos cement and asbestos fireproofing (amongst other asbestos-tainted materials).

Steel mills and steel refineries are settings where you can find many potential asbestos exposure dangers, with some of the following individuals at the highest risk:

  • Refinery workers
  •  Steel mill employees working around molten metal
  • Blacksmiths
  • Refinery equipment maintenance staff and machinists
  • Pipefitters and other workers who contact pipework
  • Motor inspectors and maintenance staff tending to cranes and other motorized vehicles/equipment
  • Welders
  • Refinery and Steel Mill Millwrights

Some steel mills and refineries are served by a railroad, which leads from the mining site to the refinery or steel mill. This railroad poses additional risks of asbestos exposure. Railroad asbestos exposure can occur in many ways, but those at highest risk are those who are exposed to the brake dust, those who work around the boiler or engine room, and workers who maintain piping (especially piping with asbestos seals, gaskets and insulation.)

Also at risk of asbestos exposure are family members of steel mill and refinery workers. Second-hand exposure can occur when the fine asbestos dust and fibers cling to an individual’s clothing or hair. If these fibers or dust particles are released into the air or environment, they can be inhaled or ingested by others.

Notably, there is no “safe” threshold for asbestos exposure. Any amount of exposure to asbestos can cause illness and injury. There are many different so-called asbestos diseases, including pleurisy, asbestosis, mesothelioma lung cancer, pleural plaques, pleural effusion, pleural thickening and COPD, among others.

According to some estimates, as many as 90,000 individuals could potentially be at risk of asbestos exposure in steel mills and refineries nationwide.

Studies on Steel Mill Asbestos Exposure and Its Effects

Steel mill and refinery asbestos exposure has been the subject of a number of research studies worldwide.

One study involving Belgian steel mill workers revealed that these individuals had a higher than average number of illness. This was especially true for those who worked on the production line and in maintenance.

Another research study, performed by Dr. William Blot, led to the discovery of numerous cases of asbestosis — a disease associated exclusively with asbestos exposure — in steel mill workers. The sick workers were described as pipe coverers.

The steel industry is one profession that has a definitive link to asbestos exposure and mesothelioma. According to the Mesothelioma Registry of the Province of Brescia, nearly 300 subjects reported asbestos exposure and a total of 55 reportedly spent five years or more working in the steel industry.

Post-mortem exams were conducted on a number of individuals and significant quantities of asbestos fibers were found in multiple subjects.

Steel Mill Asbestos Lawsuits

There have been a number of mesothelioma claims and asbestos lawsuits involving steel mills and refineries, including U.S. Steel and LTV Steel. The latter filed for bankruptcy in the mid-1980s amidst a slew of asbestos claims and mesothelioma lawsuits.

LTV Steel, like others, used asbestos insulation and asbestos fireproofing materials.

Steel mill and refinery-related asbestos and mesothelioma lawsuits have also been filed against Keystone Steel & Wire Company, Weirton Steel, USX Corporation, Wheeling Pittsburg Steel Corp, AK Steel and the Porter Hayden Company, among others.

Helping Steel Mill and Refinery Employees With Occupational Asbestos Exposure

Steel mill and refineries are inherently dangerous workplace environments due to the heat, chemicals and equipment. But many were not informed about the real dangers of the asbestos that they encountered on the job, while other workers were not provided with proper protective equipment to protect them from occupational asbestos exposure.

If you or a loved one were exposed to asbestos in a steel mill or refinery environment, you may be eligible for financial compensation from an asbestos trust fund or another source of mesothelioma financial assistance.. Others may opt to work with an asbestos lawyer to file a mesothelioma lawsuit claim in order to get the financial compensation they need to maximize quality of life and obtain the best possible care.

At MesoWatch, we’re committed to providing mesothelioma patients and others suffering from the effects of asbestos exposure with information, resources and access to legal professionals who can provide a free and confidential case evaluation.

It’s important to take immediate action, though, because the law limits the timeframe for filing asbestos claims and obtaining mesothelioma compensation. This, combined with the fast-moving nature of mesothelioma cancer, underscores the importance of connecting with an experienced mesothelioma lawyer who can provide prompt guidance and assistance.


Everything You Should Know About Taking A Close-Up Photo [Infographic]

Macro Photography

Close-up photos look really fantastic, but they demand some skills. The infographic reveals all the secrets of taking ideal macro pictures. Check it to know everything about types of lenses, focusing, focus stacking and other indispensable tools such as a tripod, lighting, focus rail. Practise the techniques described below and you will definetely be satisfied with the results. If you are fond of photography try this website which offers a wide range of photo services.


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